martedì 26 giugno 2007

A Value Proposition:

Listen Up Everyone!!!!

I have been fully graduated, and now am smart. Just like Vinnie. So here it is: the connection we share is our spouses' brothers and sisters. The Ruggiero is broad and wide, and doesn't take any shit!

The Darnells' are wide, not as broad, and don't take any shit either; and The Visconti boys don't take any of that shat either.
That's three like-minded family groups! That makes a stable base for a foundation: Team Ruggiero-Darnell-Visconti.

So on that foundation we build our imperatives.
  • Family loyalty
  • Family harmony
  • Family-building Industry
  • Family Commerce
  • Family Desire to be together

Do you like what I'm saying? Well it all starts with Value Proposition. For instance we delve into the dynamics of our inherited value by asking the right questions:

How do we stay in touch within family developments as a group involved with daily family building here and there?

Who are the leaders?
Who are the side-kicks?
When do we meet?
When do we consult?
What is our commerce?
What is our quality requirement?
Why are we meeting?

......and so on.

Do you understand the early and later benefits of this idea? I should hope so. We must involve each other to get each other to where we want each other to be.
In that context we have to find who is willing, and ask the questions, "What is it you desire? When do you want it to happen? Where is it you think you need to be? Who is it you desire to be with? How do you think it will best be done? and Why is it your desire?"

Some at first will be more involved than others, whilst later others will fill in the gaps that meed attention; and before we all know it: Team RDV is borne.

We have tried several approaches, they all have worked well. Now we consolidate our efforts, and come up with "The Team System" that winnows out the unnecessary stuff, and builds on our already substantial foundation of resource... eh?

Who you looking at? Okay. Badda Bing: Baddda Booonm!

Who's your Daddy? >>PD fin.
In Italian:
Così qui è: il collegamento che ci ripartiamo è i fratelli e sorelle dei nostri sposi. Il Ruggiero è vasto e largo e non prende alcuna merda! Il Darnells è largo, non come vasto e non prende alcuna merda neanche; ed i ragazzi del Visconti non prendono c'è ne di quello shat uno.

Quello è tre gruppi simili della famiglia! Quel fa una base stabile per un fondamento: Squadra Ruggiero-Darnell-Visconti. Così su quel fondamento sviluppiamo i nostri imperativi. Lealtà della famiglia Armonia della famiglia Industria di Family-building Commercio della famiglia Desiderio della famiglia essere insieme voi gradiscono che cosa sto dicendo? Pozzo che tutto inizia con la proposta di valore.

Per esempio esaminiamo a fondo il dynamics del nostro valore ereditato facendo le domande esatte: Come rimaniamo in tocco all'interno degli sviluppi della famiglia come gruppo coinvolgere con la costruzione quotidiana della famiglia qui e là? Chi sono i capi? Chi sono i side-kicks? Quando veniamo a contatto di? Quando ci consultiamo? Che cosa è il nostro commercio? Che cosa è il nostro requisito di qualità? Perchè siamo che veniamo a contatto? ...... e così via.

Capite i benefici in anticipo e successivi di questa idea? Dovrei sperare così. Dobbiamo farci partecipare per ottenerci a dove ci desideriamo essere. In quanto il contesto noi deve trovare chi è disposto e fare le domande, “che cosa è voi desiderio? Quando lo desiderate accadere? Dove è voi li pensa necessità di essere? Chi è voi desiderio essere con? Come lo pensate il più bene sarete fatti? e perchè è il vostro desiderio?„

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d2r2 ha detto...

Ola all in Italy and America,

This is a brother-in-law to Marinella and uncle to Desiree and Patricio II.
The Visconti boys are grafted nephews and I'll do some serious smash mouth on anyone who talks bad about them.

Now, I've been checking out Foggia with satellite and it looks a lot like Texas hill country. Pat Sr. tells me you make some serious wine there. We grow grapes in Texas now.
It used to be only a native variety we call muscadine. It looks like you could use some of the 2 or 3 feet of rain we have had in the past 2 months. Wish we could share.

If I could round up all of our cousins from Dallas, Albuquerque, Wolf City, San Bernadino and Atlanta we might be able to be big enough for a challenge. We tend to get scattered out over here in the 48 contiguous states. It's great knowing there is a family connection in the fine country of Italy. Maybe someday there will be a chance to congregate, if everyone focuses on it. Families are the result of many conscious and unconscious actions throughout the history of mankind. The ones that persevere are special and destined to mark that history with their particular uniqueness and power of love.

If anyone who is in the aura of this blog wants to go see a movie, play a round of golf, go fishing or just hang out with the senior sibling of Pat,Sr. just raise your hand or send out a 10/4 good buddy on that. I'm missing all of you and want to feel that Harra wind blow my skin dry.

Well, I'll grill some steak and shrimp in honor of all of you out there. This week-end we celebrate the independence struggle of, what I feel is the country that gives everyone a chance to live, worship and strive to be all they are capable of and it all came together with a gathering of people from such equally great places as Foggia, Italy.

Love and ciao to all, DPD