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Between Cousins --The Trip/ Planes, Phones, Paul, Robin, and Pic's

An E-mail dialogue of late between Cuzz's: (in reverse order, here latest first!) >>pd

What a delicious email CUZ!
I will answer in kind. Yes, mama's b'day was fun. We had a feast and dancing
and singing and hats.......Alices boyfriend Dan is from Kenya, Africa and the
celebration cd he brought for birthdays was magical. We all danced together
except for my straight laced Italian husband!
The visit with Robin and his lovely wife Diane (they call themselves Big Bird
and Lady Di) was great. I think I told you they live in Tampa and Robin is
retired and plays alot of golf and Diane works for NW Airlines and is in the
military reserves, Navy. Robin is so much like my dad that it freaked mama out
a bit.......anyway, it was a good visit.
We are familar with the plights of our Italian family and friends being behind
the times. I get frustrated when Sam wants me to contact them and most don't
have emails! So we have to maybe email a younger cousin who works in a big city
and they in turn call and leave messages. Whatever.
EDGY, EDGY! Cuz, this is a daily deal with me! And yes I know about the gut
wrenching punches when they say and do things that just don't mesh! Mom will
complain of sweating in odd places and maybe feeling light headed. I drop all
and go down there and find out her friggen thermostat is on 85!!!!! So many
little things like this......she didn't want to run up her electric bill from
say $50 to maybe $ is a fine line between their dignity and
our sanity. Lets just keep pumping each other up for now! And yes I felt the
same way when I found out about cousin Steve and his behavior........he is a
selfish one. Very strange too because I always liked Steve.
Most girls like sparkling things and to this day I appreciate a good looking
diamond! The older I get the more I see my limited jewelery for what is really
is. My favorite things that I wear all the time. My wedding ring which
represents the love and devotion for Sam my man and all that he is to me; My
necklace with the 2 tiny diamonds and one saffire which represent the most
precious gift my body could have given me, Cat, Sam and Nina and finally the
circle of love diamond ring on my right had which tells me daily that all the
crap I put up with in 30 years of marriage was worth it! Ha............
You are a wonderul, caring and funny and smart person my CUZ.
I am working on getting our moms together and might just get full fare tickets
for Jerre and Robert to come and see mom............long story, but moms health
is too wierd maybe to bring her down there. I am pondering this so we will see.
I just know that somehow, some way after NOT being able to see Elizabeth, Fran
and sweet, sweet Chuck, our moms have to see each other more often.
Gotta go now and ready me-self for a visit with me son.
Love to all, Lesan
---- Patrick <> wrote:
> Hi Cuzz's:
> It's that time again? Aunt Leslie's birthday, wow what a blessing.
> And mystery revealed to our aged-ness; we have yet another cuzz-- Robin!
Goodness sakes alive.
> Airline travel, especially coach international is not what it used to be. We
have had to sweat the details throughout the entire three airport trip. And it
was even 30% higher prices than two years a go. Hey, do you want to put our
heads together and figure out how to fly to Naples cheaply and comfortably? Sam
and you, et al,?should sojuorn there again. Yes!
> My peeps are always wanting to see the pictures as soon as I slide off the
tarmacks. I apologize in attaching so many pic's and no explanations.?Our folk
in Foggia have confirmed again with me this time that their town is fifty years
behind the rest of the world. Okay, so what is the translation? They just now
have some internet capabilities.
> Two years ago it was non-existent in the homes. Today it exists, but at a
premium. The reason is simple, as the homes and outlying farmhouses do not have
land lines in place. The whole phone system has evolved as a wireless industry;
and the cell phones are pre-paid, non-contract. Hmmmm....
> That brings me to Mom, Jerre J.,?who has of late been unable to manage her
long distance from her land line in Pearland, and they had gotten rid of their
cells. Of course I had to wrench the information out of her... so I put her land
line on our calling card. We have one of those rechargeable Texas outward
pre-paids... This seemed to take the edge off. Les, you know our Mom's do once
in a while get edgy?
> So the next day Mom told me thank you and that she had finally gotten to talk
with Leslie. I could have my eyes plucked out, needles stuck under my
fingernails, and compressed air blown into my duododenum -- but when Mom tells
me that she has been putting off catching up with Leslie because of the f@#$*&
phone companies -- well that is a special gut slip-knot. It was kind of like
when I heard Steve B out in Atlanta never invited Ankle Chuck into his house,
after Chuck drove the gamut from OC. Good lord, Padre Pio, and all the pierced
saints at large.... sorry Steve but that was a low one
> Lesan you are a rare jewel amongst us pieces of charcoal. I remember once when
we were tiny, right! me tiny, and Paul was taking me around on his motorcycle,
Honda 90. We stopped at the Piggly Wiggly or something and we put our dimes and
quarters in the gum ball machines. I noticed he was gambling on the machine
reserved for girls. "So, Paul what are those for?"
> "These are for Lesan, she likes that sort of thing. Here try it," said Paul.
He was so right, as in accurate,?that he was like St. Francis teaching a child
to talk to a swallow. So I put all I had left into getting sparkly things for
you, Katy, Alice, Sylvia and Justine. It turned out just like Paul said.
> Can we get a witness? Love and hugs... happpppy week, and Vive Italia.
> ?Patrick Darnell
> Foggia '07
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> To: Pat Darnell <>
> Sent: Sat, 4 Aug 2007 5:37 am
> Subject: The Trip
> Hi Patrick and Marinell,
> What a wonderful trip for you and the photos and presentation are
> awesome.......can't wait to show my Sam. I am sure it will put him over the
> and want to return to his family ties in Italy. I am happy for you.
> Take care cousins, Love Lesan

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